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What was that noise?

Aug 04, 2023

There are several signs that indicate existing floors are nearing their expiration date.

Nice flooring draws immediate attention when entering a home. Natural wood floors tend to instantly impress, while the right kitchen flooring materials can create the welcoming feeling many homeowners strive to establish in the most popular room in the home.

Stunning floors are hard to miss, and floors that are well past their prime are equally noticeable. Aging floors may fall somewhere between fading and failing to live up to homeownersÕ standards. Fading floors may not need to be replaced immediately, but the following are some signs that indicate existing floors are nearing their expiration date.

A floor should not give when stepped on. Soft spots could be indicative of water damage caused by any number of factors. Some water damage is caused by mopping the floor with a soaking wet mop, while burst pipes also contribute to water damage that can cause soft spots.

A single soft spot on the floor may necessitate a relatively simple repair, but various soft spots indicate extensive damage that might be affecting the floor, subflooring or both. In the latter instance, homeowners should consider a full floor replacement.

Creaking floors are among the more annoying issues that can arise in a home. In such homes, residents feel as though every step they or their housemates take is being announced. In addition, creaking floors can awake light sleepers, including young children.

The floor experts at Discount Flooring Depot note that uneven subfloor could be the culprit behind creaking floors. Though that does not necessarily require a floor replacement, it can be hard to lift existing floors and then refit them after the subflooring has been addressed.

That's especially so if low-quality laminate flooring was installed. So while creaking floors may not require a full floor replacement, it's an outcome homeowners who can no longer live with the noise can prepare themselves for.

Of course, some floors simply look like the product of a bygone era. Various factors, including location, affect the resale value of a home, but reports that hardwood floors are preferred by both home buyers and renters.

In addition, estimates that wood floors could provide a return as high as 80 percent of the initial investment when homeowners sell their homes. If existing flooring looks dated, it might be time to bring it up to speed with something more modern.

A home's flooring is bound to draw the attention of residents and visitors alike. Homeowners who replace their flooring can ensure that attention is drawn for all the right reasons.

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