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"We were quoted £3,000 to fit our laminate flooring

Aug 09, 2023

A couple quoted an eye-watering £3,000 to fit laminate flooring decided to do it themselves - for £450. The homeowners, who are doing up their new three-bedroom house, saved over £2,500 by going DIY. HR advisor Freya Money, 24, and electrician Lewis Stanley, 27, moved into their home in April this year and have been doing it up ever since. They said that the house needed a lot of renovating and "TLC" when they moved in as it had not been decorated for thirty years. While gutting and re-modelling the kitchen they were quoted three grand to lay the flooring. The couple from Horsham, West Sussex decided that it wasn't within their ideal budget so opted to fit it themselves at a cost of £450 in total - saving £2550. Freya said: "[It was] out of our budget. We can’t sit still either and we were getting agitated by having to walk on concrete and dusty floor every day." The couple have spent three months of evenings and weekends on the renovation so far and have spent £10,000. Freya said: "We have now fully finished our kitchen which we built and fit ourselves. "We also laid the laminate flooring throughout the whole of the ground floor. "[It took] one weekend, started Friday evening and finished on Monday, 12 hours in total. On top of re-doing the kitchen, Freya and Lewis managed to renovate the main bedroom, living room and knocked the wall down between the kitchen and dining room. Freya estimates that they have saved "well over £15,000" by doing up their house themselves and cite the cost-of-living crisis as a factor in their decision-making. Freya said: "Wherever possible we will try to save money. "We still want to enjoy our lives and go on holiday and do fun things as it’s really important for us to have a balance."