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The Simple Secret To Streak

Aug 05, 2023

Laminate floors are touted as low maintenance and fuss-free, but they have their finicky moments. While they're great for high-traffic areas and won't discolor or get scuffed as easily as hardwood, they can be a tad difficult to clean. Some people notice streaks after they finish washing their laminate floors, which forces them to wash them all over again. It makes the flooring look dull and dirty, which is the last thing you want after scrubbing. But a dry microfiber mop may be able to help.

The most common reason streaks appear is that you're either using the wrong cleaning product or too much of the right one. Oil-based cleaners, waxes, and polishes might work for hardwood, but they are a no-go for laminate. They will make the flooring appear cloudy and streaky due to the thick residue left behind. On the other hand, if you use a cleaner specially formulated for laminate but dump too much into the water, you will still be left with streaks due to the residue. It will overlap over itself, creating noticeable lines. If you've made this mistake, a dry microfiber mop is what you need.

If you constantly battle streaks, ensure you have two mops handy. You want a microfiber mop that you will wet with a cleaning solution and use to clean your laminate floor and a dry microfiber mop you will use to dry the floor afterwards. After vacuuming up dust and debris, use the mop to wash your room in small sections to ensure you're wiping away all the grime. Once you finish mopping that section, grab the dry mop and soak up any leftover water. This will also remove any lingering soap or cleaning product, ensuring there won't be any streaks left behind.

Of course, using the correct cleaning products is the best solution to avoid streaks. You can use everything from laminate cleaning solutions to vinegar and water. While this should alleviate your streaking problem, those who are new to washing laminate floors may accidentally use the wrong soap ratios. If that's the case, then using the dry microfiber mop to wipe away any lingering residue is a great safety net until you perfect your routine. It might be an extra step while mopping, but it beats having to rewash the entire floor to remove those cloudy stripes!