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Imports of Ceramic Decline Slightly, Vinyl Sharply in June

Aug 28, 2023

Charlotte, NC, August 21, 2023-"Ceramic Imports Showed a Modest Decline: Overall ceramic unit imports decreased 5.2% year over year (y/y), moderating from sharper declines earlier in the year, for units down 6.1% year- to-date. After a roughly flat result last month, Mexico showed a notable decline, down 19.9% y/y, but up 5.8% year-to-date,” reports Truist.

“Vinyl Flooring Sees Sharp Decrease In Imports: Imports saw a sharp decrease in June, down 31.9% y/y, after a more modest decrease of 6.7% last month. Units from China, the largest source of material, were down 32.8% y/y, and South Korea declined 34.0% y/y, or down 14.3% year-to-date.”